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The Definition of Marriage
"Hey Rei?"
Rei looked up from the collage text book in his hands to look over at the 9 year old, "Yes Izumi-San?"
"What's marriage?"
Rei raised an eyebrow but didn't question it, "Marriage is when two people willingly bond with one another on behalf of love."
"Oh...?" Izumi replied, seemingly more confused than before.
Rei mentally slapped himself. He was, after all, talking to a 9 year old. He smiled gently and corrected himself, "I'm sorry Izumi-San. Marriage is when two people love each other very much and want to become a family."
Izumi smiled brightly, "Oh, I get it now!"
Rei chuckled before going back to studying for his exam coming up and Izumi went back to his 'Magical Girl: LaLa-LuLu' coloring book. It was a few moments before Izumi spoke up again, "Hey Rei?"
"Yes Izumi-San?" Rei asked, his eyes glued to the textbook.
"Are you married?"
Rei looked over at Izumi's large innocent eyes and smiled softly, "No Izumi-San, I'm not married."
"Why not?" Izumi asked, tilting his head to
:icondcvsmarvelfan:DCvsMarvelFan 2 1
Space Dandy - 'Space Daddies'
Adélie grunted as she landed in the dirt, her books flying out of her open backpack. She sat up, rubbing the sore spot on the back of her head.
The two boys in front of her, one tall and lanky while the other short and chubby, were laughing. Adélie growled, balling up her fist, "What's your problem you jerks?"
"Freaks like you aren't welcome here," The skinny one started, "Why don't you just go back to the place where you belong."
"Yeah, back to creep-ville," The chubbier one put in.
The two began laughing again and high fiving. Adélie gnashed her teeth together, preventing herself from attacking the two bullies.
"Guys, stop making fun of her," A girl about her age came over towards the three. Adélie almost smiled at her savior. Almost. The girl then look down at her and said with a mean grin, "Can't you see that she's still upset that she wasn't even accepted at 'creep-ville'?"
The three began to laugh once again. The kids that had gathered around followed in their
:icondcvsmarvelfan:DCvsMarvelFan 8 1
Stolen Glasses and Stolen Kisses
It had been another exhausting day of practice for the regulars of the Teiko Middle basketball club. Aomine and Kise collapsed on the bench while Kuroko was dying on the floor, all of them taking deep breaths.
Midorima had his arms above his head to calm his breathing and his eyes closed to relax, taking deep breaths while slightly counting.
He took this time to wonder about his lucky item for today. He's had strange and unique items before, but this was just over the charts.
Just then, Midorima felt a shadow over him and opened his eyes, only to be met with Murasakibara's bored expression...their faces inches from each other.
Midorima flushed in embarrassment before taking a large step back, distancing himself from the giant.
"Did you need something Murasakibara," he asked, pushing up his glasses and crossing his arms.
Murasakibara just stared at him then walked forward again until he was directly in front of Midorima again. This time though, he leaned closer to Midorima's face to the
:icondcvsmarvelfan:DCvsMarvelFan 1 6
Space Dandy - The Pocky Game
The crew of the Aloha Oe was settling down at their favorite brestaurant, Boobies. Honey came skipping towards them with three menus in her hands; Meow and Dandy drooling and blushing over the bouncing bust.
"Hi Dandy! Long time no see!"
Dandy sat back and sent a flirty grin towards the blond replying, "Been busy baby, you know, with all the alien hunting and all."
"But we haven't caught a single unregistered alien for almost a month now," QT commented aloud before Dandy kicked him in reply, signaling it's time to shut up now.
Honey smiled warmly at then before she said, "Hey, I almost forgot. We changed up our menus a bit. Here," She handed the menus from her hands to the three, "have a look and let me know what you want to order."
"Wow, everything looks pretty good here," Meow said while looking over the ramen section. The three browsed over the new menu, taking note at what has been changed and added.
Just then, Dandy gasped loudly, making the other three look at him in confusion.
:icondcvsmarvelfan:DCvsMarvelFan 29 16
The Green Umbrella
The clock stuck 8pm when the rain first started to shower down into the city of New York.
One by one, colorless umbrellas popped open to shield the one that wielded them from the downpour.
Out of nowhere, a green umbrella sprung up from the colorless sea. The man under said umbrella smiled happily as he watched the sky rain down upon the bright city. The young man with slicked back raven hair that curled slightly at the end was just heading home from work when it began to pour. He smiled softly as he listened to the pitter-pattering symphony of rain and continued his quest home.
He walked amongst multiple people going in the same direction. Staring off into the distance and watched as the rain flowed even miles away from where he currently was.
As he was distracted by the hypnotizing rain, the raven haired man ran right into the back of another, who sounded to be in a very serious and business-like conversation over the phone.
Quickly apologizing, he began to be weary of his surroundin
:icondcvsmarvelfan:DCvsMarvelFan 2 0


2p!Hetalia Human Names
Fanon and personal names!!
America: Al(Allan) Jones
Australia: Jared Kirkland
Austria: Roland Edelstein
Belarus: Natasha Arlovskaya
Belgium: Beatrice Maes
Canada: Matt(Matthieu) Williams
China: Yang Wang
Cuba: Martino Cruz
Denmark: Markell K°hler
Egypt: Ghazi Muhammad Hassan
England: Oliver Kirkland
Estonia: Egor von Bock
Finland: Thurston Vainamoinen
France: Francois Bonnefoy
Germania: Sigmund Beilschmidt
Germany: Lutz Beilschmidt
Rome: Helmfried Vargas
Hong Kong: Tai Yang Chun
Hungary: Erzsebet Hedervary
Holland/Netherlands: Henry Maes
Hutt River: Richmond Kirkland
Iceland: Egil Steillson
North Italy/Italy: Fiorello Vargas
Japan: Kyo Honda
South Korea/Korea: Im Young Sun
Kugelmugel: Ehren Edelstein
Ladonia: Arvid Oxenstierna
Latvia: Ruslan Galante
Liechtenstein: Leisl Zwingli
Lithuania: Tomas Lorinaitis
Molossia: Skylar Jones
Monaco: Giselle Bonnefoy
New Zealand: Tom Kirkland
Norway: Lokki Bondevik
Poland: Frandszk Lukasiewicz
Prussia: Gilen Beilschmidt
Romania: Vasska Popescu
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 1,027 270
Please Forgive Me by natersal Please Forgive Me :iconnatersal:natersal 97 14
APH - Letting go
AU Oneshot about Little Lovino, Antonio as his guardian and Sadik as Lovino's real Father.
I try to be funny but my funny isn't usually your kind of funny.
Supposedly just a drabble/idea for a fanart I drew.
6 is a very big number. That number is next to 5 and for a long long time, little Lovino can only count up to five.
"One tomato, two tomato, three tomato, fi--four tomato, five tomato... uh--hmmmm... One-one tomato? "
"Six, the next is six. Six tomatoes. Go on Lovi, seven tomatoes, eight toma---"
"All of them are mine anyways, I don't want to count them!"
It seems that 1 is his favorite number but he has a feeling he is always 2 but when he turned 6, he got confused all the more.
If I'm your number one henchman then why are you giving me away? I don't want to go with him, I don't know him! You're leaving me just like everyone, I hate you!
He's been caught by his teachers 3 times and his boss was called by teachers three times
:iconnatersal:natersal 17 5
because i'm WORTH it by Dakt37 because i'm WORTH it :icondakt37:Dakt37 312 93 APH: Lifeblood .Lineart. by niirasri APH: Lifeblood .Lineart. :iconniirasri:niirasri 214 58 APH: Liar by estrellaMDF APH: Liar :iconestrellamdf:estrellaMDF 203 33 Colourful Italians by Firnheledien Colourful Italians :iconfirnheledien:Firnheledien 136 31 APH - What the... by Zayrion APH - What the... :iconzayrion:Zayrion 104 12 APH:Mask Of ...? by quackmire APH:Mask Of ...? :iconquackmire:quackmire 147 4 Spain x  Romano STAMP by dennyvixen Spain x Romano STAMP :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 595 39 APH: Dysfunctional family by analmouse APH: Dysfunctional family :iconanalmouse:analmouse 1,218 123 APH: Slap by Zieberich APH: Slap :iconzieberich:Zieberich 2,010 394 FFFFIblameTwitter by SilverKRAZE FFFFIblameTwitter :iconsilverkraze:SilverKRAZE 623 135 Germania's law 2 by Assby Germania's law 2 :iconassby:Assby 120 19 Sadiq Andan by Leucove Sadiq Andan :iconleucove:Leucove 85 18 APH: Greekat vs Turkat by peannlui APH: Greekat vs Turkat :iconpeannlui:peannlui 325 74


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I'm not an artist of any kind but I love writing. And I do love looking at the amazing artwork here and reading the fabulous stories/fanfictions.

I'm also a HUUUGE yaoi fan....beware 0-0


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